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Why use Curated Cranks and not other platforms?
  • Curated Cranks is a dedicated and bespoke service for all premium bikes and is free for sellers and provides a virtual showroom with transparency for buyers
  • It’s run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts who are passionate about providing a premium service and who understand bikes, and what they mean to you
  • The bikes are presented beautifully and transparently giving both buyer and seller confidence
  • It isn't a service design for high volume, low value bikes. Instead its a bespoke service that provides a personal service for both buyer and seller ensuring confidence and satisfaction
  • The business model is structured so the Seller retains 100% of the final sale price and the overall costs to the Buyer shouldn't be anymore than if they had bought directly - unless they get into a bidding war for something lush!

I don’t get the model, what is the Buyers Premium?
  • Most mainstream auction platforms charge listing and Sellers fees which aren’t obvious at the time and can be up to 14% of the final price.  Then there are others who offer a cheap listing fee but put the onus on the seller to do all the work to create the listing. It's very hard for bikes to stand out.
  • Curated Cranks is completely different and a new model for the premium Bike market and aims to add real value to both Buyer and Sellers.
  • It is free for the Seller, and the Seller retains 100% of the final sale price. But to pay for the services and platform Curated Cranks charges a Buyers premium which is just under c.10% of the final sale price and is capped.
  • The final price for the Buyer however, shouldn't be any more than if they had bought the bike direct, or via one of the other platforms. We achieve this by agreeing a realistic reserve up front with the Seller and so this effectively redistributes the fees but offers an overall better service as the Seller gets 100% of the final value (which could end up far higher than the reserve anyway) as well as all the support in preparing and listing their bike and providing a dedicated marketplace for them.
  • The buyer also has higher confidence in the quality and heritage of the bike.  This is a proven model used for high-end cars and antiques.
  • The buyers fees are capped, inclusive of VAT, and follow a defined structure so the buyer will always know what the total cost is and all reserves are agreed and realistically set with the seller.
  • We hope you agree that this is a model that can really support a transparent market place, provide a bespoke service for enthusiasts and truly represent the value and passion for high end bikes.
  • If you are still unsure, check out our 'How it works' page or email us at info@curatedcranks.com

What if my bike doesn’t sell?
  • An option of extending the auction for a further period can be agreed or if there is a bidder close to the reserve price we will work with both parties to see if a deal can be done.
  • Curated Cranks retains the right to make up the difference if agreeable to all parties to conclude a sale and we will work with the Seller to maximise every opportunity to promote and sell their bike.
Can I view the bike before or during bidding?
  • Yes, we encourage Sellers to make reasonable endeavours to facilitate a viewing for the potential Buyers.  If not practical to view directly we will also encourage Sellers to produce a video of the bike along with the extensive photographs
  • Please note that Sellers are bound to sell their bike exclusively for the agreed period through Curated Cranks.  If a transaction is concluded outside of Curated Cranks, then Curated Cranks reserves the right to charge either the Seller or the Buyer the applicable Buyers premium, based on the agreed reserve price.
How do I get my bike?
  • Once an auction concludes and there is a successful bidder, the bidder will be invoiced the Buyers premium and, once paid, Curated Cranks will connect the winning Buyer and the Seller
  • The Buyer and the Seller can then arrange their own methods of paying for and handing over the bike. This could be a BACS transfer and shipping of the bike or a good old fashioned meet and exchange of cash
  • If either party is uncomfortable with the exchange, maybe due to geography, then Curated Cranks can act as a partial escrow and the Seller can ship the bike to CC where we will hold it whilst payment clears, and then once clear we will release the bike to the Buyer. This will incur additional fees and CC will accept no liability and the Seller / Buyer are responsible for the shipping costs and insurance.

Curated Cranks can assist with shipping using our partners (see our partner page)

I don't feel comfortable buying a high value used bike remotely......

We understand buying an expensive used bike online can be daunting especially when it comes to handing over cash or your bike. For the Sellers, you keep your bike throughout the process and for the Buyers we undertake checks to validate that the Sellers are genuine. We hold contact details for both parties and will only share them once a transaction is concluded.

If you are still unsure then there are a number of escrow services available such as www.escrow.com and whilst Curated Cranks aren't a licensed escrow we would be happy to act as a partial escrow where we hold the bike whilst payment is transferred, for a small fee - please email us if you want to discuss this.

I'm not confident in taking good photos, can you help?

Absolutely, first of all, take a look at our photo guide which will give you some pointers on how to take all the photos. If you still want some help we can help you find a local photographer or you can opt for our Premium Seller Service where you can ship your bike directly to us and we clean, prep, and photograph it for you.

The bike wasn’t as described / I’ve found a fault
  • Curated Cranks takes all reasonable care to ensure the description and pictures accurately reflect the condition and ownership of the bike, however, it is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to ensure they are satisfied with the condition of the bike.  Curated Cranks does not warrant or accept any liability if a bike or component is not as described.
What information do I have to provide and what agreement do I sign as the Seller or Buyer?
  • Both Sellers and Buyers have to register with Curated Cranks, accept our Terms and Conditions and provide their full name and address before selling or bidding
  • We take security and privacy very seriously at Curated Cranks and all personal details are stored in secure, encrypted and backed up servers
  • The auction platform is provided by an industry-respected auction platform software provider
  • Our payment provider Stripe is an internationally recognised payment platform used by some of the worlds largest companies and any payment will be directed to stripe outside of the platform.
Can I sell bike parts?

Curated Cranks is predominantly for full bikes, however, we know that some people like to swap out frames, keeping things like wheels etc. We would be happy to list Frames if they were high value premium ones and we would place them in the appropriate section.

I live outside the UK, can I still Sell and/or Buy using Curated Cranks?

Absolutely, yes! The only limitation at this stage is that all listings and communications are in English. However, the platform can be used in any geography. Buyers and Sellers just have to be mindful of any potential additional shipping fees if shipping bikes internationally.

Still have a question?

If you've not found the answer to your question, just drop us a message and we'll be happy to help.