How It Works

Curated Cranks aims to be the #1 service provider and first choice for selling and buying premium used bikes, of all types!

Our passion is riding and the excitement of ‘New Bike Day’ and so we created Curated Cranks because we felt there wasn't a service or platform that truly represented the enthusiast, their love of bikes, or provided the transparency and confidence to help both sellers and buyers trade.

We are committed to providing a personal and bespoke service which lives up to our name and reflects the love of bikes. Please come on this journey with us, after all, there’s always room for one more bike!

The Curated Cranks Principles and Process:

  • The CC platform is an auction marketplace and works on the well-established premium goods/antique auction model and so it is FREE for the Seller to sell their bike.
  • The Seller contacts CC via the online form and provides some basic bike details and price expectations from which CC decides if the bike is suitable
  • CC then works with the Seller to agree a sensible market reserve and to prepare and show the bike in all its glory. This is done by CC collecting more details and creating a bespoke listing for each bike, including demonstrating proof of ownership where possible, and helping the seller take a set of good quality and standardised photographs and video. See examples here (Pace RC100) and (Santa Cruz Bronson)
  • The bike is then listed exclusively with CC and an auction run for an agreed period (min 2 weeks). Before and throughout we will promote the bike through CC’s marketing channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Following a successful auction, CC will invoice the winning bidder for the Buyer’s premium via our secure Stripe payment platform. CC will send an invoice and, once paid, CC will connect the Seller and Buyer, enabling them to conclude the transaction directly
  • The Seller keeps 100% of the sale price and Buyers Premiums start at £200 and are capped at £450, see below.

Curated Cranks reserves the right not to accept a bike onto the platform if a bike does not meet our minimum standards. Typically, we are looking for bikes with a value of £2000+ but will consider lower value bikes, especially some of the retro bikes, or if a Seller is looking to sell just a frame.

Curated Cranks can also offer additional bespoke services including arranging professional photographs and bike transportation – please contact us for more information.

Whilst based in the UK, the platform can operate globally and so it is not limited by geography, however, we have limited capability in other languages at this stage and all communications and listings will be in English.

If you have any questions please visit the FAQ's or contact us here.

Buyer’s Premium Values

| Bike Final Value | Buyer’s Premium (incl. VAT) | |------------------|-----------------------------| | £2000-£2250 | £200 | | £2251-£2500 | £200 | | £2501-£2750 | £200 | | £2751-£3000 | £225 | | £3001-£3250 | £250 | | £3251-£3500 | £275 | | £3501-£3750 | £300 | | £3751-£4000 | £325 | | £4001-£4250 | £350 | | £4251-£4500 | £375 | | £4501-£4750 | £400 | | £4751-£5000 | £425 | | £5001+ | £450 - CAPPED |

  1. Seller contacts Curated Cranks
  2. Curated Cranks & Seller agree reserve, prepare bike & photos
  3. Curated Cranks creates and agrees listing with Seller
  4. Auction is run on Curated Cranks exclusively and is promoted across channels
  5. Auction concludes and Buyer pays fees
  6. Seller & Buyer connected to conclude transaction
  7. NEW BIKE DAY - Enjoy & Repeat