Our Ethos

Curated Cranks aims to be the #1 platform and first choice for selling premium used bikes.  Our passion is riding and the excitement of ‘New Bike Day’.  We are committed to providing a service and experience that lives up to our name but it also relies on our users playing their part too.  So yes, there are a bunch of detailed T&C’s that as a user of the platform you need to agree to (see them here), but if you want the short and more human version, here it is…….

  • Curated Cranks was established for the love of bikes and recognising there was a gap in the market for a marketplace and service that matched the passion cyclists have for them.
  • The service aims to be transparent, personal, and enable both seller and buyer to transact with confidence which is why the Curated Cranks experience combines good old fashioned human interaction with a modern and well-established auction model.
  • Like auction houses for other premium goods, we ask for a short period of exclusivity and that buyers premiums are paid swiftly to enable the whole process to move smoothly for all parties.
  • We therefore expect our users, both sellers and buyers, to respect these basic rules and recognise that in order to maintain integrity Curated Cranks reserve the right to pursue any outstanding fees owed, including for any transactions concluded outside of the platform.  Also, any breach of these basic rules will see users banned.

We really hope you enjoy using the platform and our service and would love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Please send us your thoughts using our contact form.

Please come on this journey with us, after all, there’s always room for one more bike!

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